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i thought i should have been famous when i was eight months what's wrong with these people ninety five percent of people who sustained the same injury and up paralyzed or worse so what saved you got saved plus what's it been like in your life to make a lot of money so you started off awesome but it also brings a lot a lot of turmoil in life all next on larry good now. welcome to larry king our special guest jason derulo the singer songwriter and dancer he has scored six top ten billboard singles ranking him third all time amongst mailbox is reason singles the other side in marry me taking the world by storm his know is the album tattoos is out now is it tiring album
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tattoos no you know tattoos are much like our life experiences and saying that you know they stick with us for the rest of our lives you know you know with my neck injury and everything experience like that will be with me for the rest of my life and this album is made up of my life experiences so it's an autobiographical. it's your third studio album you've just turned twenty four right yeah what was what made it for you how did it start. i started off as a songwriter actually i thought of writing songs when i was eight years old and. i was just kind of trying to work my way up in miami in this it is rough you know trying to work with these different producers because they you know don't really want to work with a new name you know the eight year old yeah. yeah so you know last i was really trying to trying to you know put a demo here demo there but it was hard to make a demo because nobody really wanted to work so i posed as a songwriter saying that i would write for this person or that person if they would allow me to come in a studio. and it worked and oddly enough the song started
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a good place though you the song you wrote yes was you know writing songs for you know little wayne and daddy kane shanking think i see people at all sorts of artists and. in the rest was history sixteen was when i got my first writing place and it would be you have to sing for someone to it's almost like you were going to record you yeah so j.r. rotem flew me out to l.a. he wanted to sign me as a songwriter his publishing company and when i got there you know we did last six or seven songs that evening and i mean he was he was shocked you know he was surprised he was like why aren't you an artist why don't you wanna be an artist and like i do want to be an artist that's now was the whole play and you know the rest was history do you still write for others i still do. so what determines whether you will sing the song or you'll write this for someone else depends on how good it is you know i give the. excess and every song is not for everybody so you know
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there's a there's a lot of songs that. though you know it comes comes from my heart my brain will fit somebody else like a glove and it doesn't necessarily fit in my. in my image you write for female performers too i do absolutely cassie was actually one of them one of the first the people that i root for and i. was kind of interesting seven around this but yeah you know i did some stuff with what we're trying to get on shares new project and you know stuff like that did you want to go online to american idol or one of those shows or you know you you had before that right. yeah i did want to go on american idol. part you know it was just by any means necessary i mean like i would have done anything you know there is just the writing thing kind of took off first and you know i always saw a light somewhere you know there was always something that was like oh my god if you maybe if you meet this person you know he'll he'll see something already for me
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this this person and i met so many people you know so it was yeah you know you're album was released as an extended play right this one is actually an e.p. and album is coming out in like three months what did why is it n.e.p. first i want to do things a little differently. this time around i wanted to give people a taste before you know they've got the whole thing so i'm actually releasing three singles first before release the whole album tell me what happened in the accident . for those who don't know i fractured my c two vertebrae since the break hard neck and basically prepare for my world tour man i mean i was you know doing all these acrobatics as i do and a simple back talk you know which i you know done a million times i slipped and i landed on my head acrobatics a part of your act yeah you know you're moving to move absolute jumper of dance
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hardcore was a tame. when you hit the when you hit the ground it was crazy probably the most pain i've ever felt in my life. now if you break it make you could die and break. the whole the whole thing actually i think ninety five percent of people who sustained that same injury ended up paralyzed or worse so what saved do you got saved and why you would why weren't you just one of the one of the doctors do this just inches away you know i mean if you could have gone to inch. to the left for an inch more to the right you know that could have been it was surgery required surgery was not required just seven months in a neck brace and a year total recovery how long hospital was just a couple weeks really in the neck brace that you have to keep still you could more correct. that where you like to work not not the way i like to and i actually started working a little too soon you know because the studio is always been my life making music
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has always been my life so i went to the studio probably you know about three weeks after my injury you know which was too soon you know someone mover so like when i'm recording music i can't help but to you know kind of move but our yeah you know music in a way saved my life as well you know it kept me sane throughout that period and you one hundred percent now on the pursuit is equally total absolute now you're touring in europe that spring why europe why not here actually i'm doing a world tour so it starts in europe but we go to japan we go to australia new zealand. and you know we're still running it so you have you danced or jumped on the stage absolutely yeah it's it's been about a year and a half now so you know everything is back to where everything's all good i think i actually do a little more now than i did and you not worry about not know this and if it.
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undefeated do you do the same flip that you did when you broke is that i want to do that when you do. good. you are dating jordan sparks right yeah i get me a gauged you know when the time is right you know everything is seems to be going on amazingly well so you know she won on american idol. six meet we actually met her and her mom came to one of my concerts in phoenix about four years ago and yeah she you know she came by and you know after the show you know we hung out a little bit you stayed friends you know acquaintances would say hello here and there but it wasn't until two years ago we had a show at the home of together where things kind of changed so that the it wasn't love at first sight wasn't bam flares going all night definitely not you know things that i totally took a turn around in the bahamas you know i looked at it. probably more right yeah you should do or as a friend right definitely why would you saw open about this because the two of you
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are in the public eye so people like to stay private. i don't know how open we are to be like you know it's kind of hard to be private and the life that we live in mean everything is pretty much out in the open but you know i don't know i don't really mind you know. professing my love toward me she's she's an amazing woman you were an athlete you played bass for right father played me and i fell right yeah so i mean you see a full life with her i mean you play you're young what are you twenty four yeah yeah we see she's twenty three yes i definitely see a full life i see her you know raising my kids and you know hopefully the law at least as well as you please for your new single marry me features her in the video right yeah in fact what we're going to do now is she a clip of the video that's what.
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beautiful girl thank you she's very good to see extremely talented are you going to perform together. yeah actually we have a song together called vertigo that is on the e.p. and yeah people seem to really like you so in the past you build a relationship with obama tell me about but. basically you know just trying to get obama care to everybody you know it was just sitting down with them and hearing his passion about making sure that everybody has has health care is was really inspiring to me and you know i said i would be down for the cause you know how people. are users that in politics no. your singer i'm
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a singer you were a young best war player played high school right did you ever think boy i would have liked to have tried that. how good were you i was i was really really good i was for state championships in a row you know this school was top basketball school in the country and fourteen in the country actually at the time. yeah so it was a pretty tough school there so i mean the fact that i was starting on a team like that i was you know was it was pretty hardcore but my coach said when i was leaving this would this was kind of hit me hard he was like i thought you were going to be the one to go pro you know as i was good if i think it's not about the talent that i had as about software examples not like a crazy amazing athlete like i did like jumps it's just the work ethic you know i'm saying like somebody who has a specific kind of work ethic is just destined to do something great shootings are
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the point guard point guard. or you don't do i fed the ball i you know i had a crazy jump shot at the time you know i'm on you know trying to get back of the n.b.a. not as much as i used to but i'm pretty good i think that's the kind. i see for the lakers really my only one and raise the lakers have gone through a downslide you know what you know i have you know friends that you know are owners of like your saw you know this family you have a beautiful voice and you had that as a young kid do we use them when you would buy into news or i always thought i did. not that i should have been famous when i was eight what's wrong with these people . but yeah you know it's something that you know over the years. has been in since i was five years old you know i had this dream of being this before so it's something that i've you know been working on since i was that and describe the kind
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of music you like. i was i was the kid who kind of listen to everything you know i want to perform in our school so i studied classical music i studied jazz music i studied rock and country and everything so i was really into everything and i had to study everything but on my i pod goes from elvis to like. new school to change that kanye west jay z. to. lumineers you know so it's just really just weird you have a kind of tenor voice or you can hit pretty hard notes there and if you're with the dudes you do sing broadway views or it could i mean you could do everything i actually started off doing musical theater i went to college for a theater really and i landed on broadway on broadway and i turned it down because i knew that if i would have done that role i would have been locked in broadway forever. did you like musical theater they'll love music with their you
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know but that's not where my heart was i love writing music you know and if i did musically to do when the allowed me to express myself really be an actor to i'd i would yeah that's in his album cycle i think i'll try to dive when we go back jason will dish out on breaking into the music business at a ripe old age of sixteen don't click away. please please take me very hard take a look on here there's a lot that you that that would make their lives. a little. bit closer.
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look at the people. last time of the new alert animation scripts scare me a little. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of joy at a brave thing. that had. a court of law found alive there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. well
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that would be strawberry tell the jason derulo world tour coming tattoos is out now michael jackson had an effect on you write. the song reason i started singing to dance in the first place when asked by reason that i saw on television i was like mom wanted to be just like you you know so i was the kid in the kitchen with the socks on trying to slide and walk and all that so that's where i started what made him special. michael jackson it was almost as if he was not of this earth i mean nobody nobody moves like that nobody exudes that much emotion on a song i mean it was just. on on on earth we are great dancer to incredible where were you when. i was i was in.
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apartment. here in l.a. actually and. you know i actually remember watching your show. you know we do the whole show but yeah i've been watching your show a lot for hours and hours we did a week. two weeks every night we did motherhood action those incredible shocking story really. shocking to the world you know i mean you can see that in the impact it had i mean it was it was crazy or but you know it's just unfortunate i wish he would have seen that kind of outpouring you know when they're around you know it's a shame that we let our legends pass by without them seeing that you know before the guy knew frank sinatra very well you mentioned oldest in the you like job was yeah and frank sinatra to do all the music the impact on you right. when i asked your opinion of some young not as what you think the lord. like and i think i think
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she's really different i like the fact that she brings a street edge to indy miley cyrus miley cyrus i think she's i think she's just taking the world must know she i get asked about. my stars my interviews it's hard to know when somebody is doing really big they're asking me all right miley cyrus's cool if she's going to want to get justin bieber justin bieber is also you know doing really well you know i remember justin bieber. and one of my first performance was in tulsa oklahoma and i was just a little kid and i was you know in just rehearsing my dance my dance moves and whatnot it was like and how do you move like that now i want to move like that i was like you do this you know just keep practicing and do you thing i mean i don't think you know this kid was going to be the biggest thing in the world. more and ryan lewis. i really don't read the whole album you know
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there's. only a select few people that i think you know come with a record back to back to back and automatically. morris you know one of those people you know what i think can continue to sustain you know this level of artistry big sean based on i think he's dope as well you know. one of the premiere representative kendrick lamar critical mark one of the miracles if it all these people are good which i don't know but so you know. so morning i guess. he's mcgill is actually one of the saviors of of r. and b. music you know mommy was missing the four for a second and he brought it back. alley golding is the princess of great britain and she is the premier dance artist and your first single
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back in two thousand and nine was what just say that went to number one you shocked yeah. i actually wrote that song for someone else but i wrote it about my brother's experience you know him cheating on his girlfriend know what night it. i thought i would be a great song for that other person but they thought it was the moment sean kingston i don't know if you know that person is going to know who. my reason. why i didn't get to sean and change the heat i guess is his label didn't think that it was a hit but it was not a massive song five million sold so if he didn't if he had done it you wouldn't have done it exactly and i wouldn't had that big bang the first single so that's the little bridge in show business yeah a little bit so now you're happy he didn't take that oh absolutely. i would have paid for it regardless but i mean you know this is what i've always wanted to do rob always wanted to be. the person delivered best what's it been like in your life
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to make a lot of money so. it's been. started off awesome started off very you know not being able to and i mean well i mean you walk by me thing i want to not look at the price tag you know. but it also brings a lot a lot of turmoil in life and i. just feel in the wrath of it now more so than not. you will have the financial people handling it yeah definitely yeah but you know it just being more money you get more and more problems with. health we were poor kid i wasn't poor i grew up middle class so you know i was in and i was in like mom cannot a pair of jordans and she was like yes no it was it's like no you can't get those one hundred dollars shoes not no not at all but like we never worried about where our next idea was that if you my dad social security worked so security and
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immigration so what was this and so you grew up a good home middle class here and what's your brother my brother works with me my brother i'm always in production with me are you always writing songs no i'm a i'm a studio right i like to be in a studio because i don't really like writing on paper i like just going off of whatever's on my mind that whatever's in the heart of the hole for me right. when i was writing the music that i'm releasing now i was in the studio every single day we have some social media questions for jason first is from hussein thirteen ninety six on instagram would you collaborate with a country artist any time soon. like to collaborate with montreal you know i would i think of a really interesting i mean i think in the mixture of music it's kind of i would like to use your advantage instagram what do you like to do in your free time. i
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love the watch movies. any kind of movie you know as long as it is a good movie i just like to kick back and do nothing zoe on twitter what is your favorite song to sing argo pella you sing a lot are coppola when you were not a lot no. beautiful voice for thanks i think i think some aton would be my favorite the good old gershwin song porgy and bess. the movie right i want to know do you want to get into film i do after this album cycle i think i'll dive into this and i can i get a lot of awesome scripts and. try afterwards who is just who on twitter how has the internet changed the music industry. aid put it upside down. it's just a whole new world i wasn't around when the internet wasn't the main source.
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i don't know. you know first hand but what i will say is that you know the internet is is driving the music industry now and it's hard to get a record success for a price so hard to load i'm an artist i'm more famous now you know because you know at a click of a button you can you know know who these people are so they're more famous but they don't sell as many records so now. the labels have to make money in different ways and us are as we make money in different ways you know as in you know branding opportunities you know being a face to this brand or that brand. you know you have to go through that to store and obviously the zagg jones thirty one on twitter what's the song that you wrote that you what's a song that you wrote that you wish you recorded. i wrote a couple for some people that i was like. but not being every every song has its
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own journey so like me it is what it is no regrets k j m ten sixteen via twitter take me through your pre-concert ritual. so my dancers like we're pretty close what we'll do is will first you know start with a little bit of stretching then we will do some t.r.x. hit me up and i'm giving you a shot up. t.r.x. is the new band and we do like a short workout with our experience and then we'll go over you know some of the quote if you just on the bar bodies a little bit and then we do a short prayer and. do a whole turn up turn up turn up turn up and then we're out so much of a band you work with. five piece band in six this we play a little if you only knew just as a quick question we remember the first girl you kissed yes and they were sent
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shanta it was in full over there or miami for a lot of you know all you. well one of i have a i don't know. is there an audience would be surprised to learn that you listen to i listen all the time still do stupid he was special. favorite award show to attend. m.t.v. awards favorite city to perform in sydney australia i hear it's great it's on believe. here the people i know that people want to feel special and special people are more carefree you know they just live life it's very beautiful city to oh so opera house. faber fan encounter do you have for me. yeah i have i have tons on one time this this girl and she waited in the closet in
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the janitor's closet for a couple hours waiting for my set to start started she ran out on stage and hugged me would not go but life for another fan encounter. she's kind of kind of different this lady brought a newborn baby had to be about a week old baby is like can you sign her forehead i'm like. no no i'm not going to do this. if not music what are you going to best will play right or doctor or you like medicine to yeah not to study medicine but have a soft spot for people. or does she was want to work with. not really knowing the favorite spot with jordan catalano here in l.a. and we're going to know that. i don't know the restaurant.
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next it's amazing you have to go there ok i'll try i'll try the abilities of the routes. toward you said yeah ok something no one knows about you. i can cut hair pretty well all. city with the best fans in. tokyo tokyo first call you on. the chevy cavalier. number that. i got is thank you thanks to my guest the very talented jason do all of his album tattoo is available in stores. and you can find me on twitter with kings things i'll see you next time.
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well. science technology innovations all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered. in effect you can jump in anytime you want.
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from countries rich in natural resources are the poorest ever has a colony it's a colony of the big corporations it's a colony of someone's home leaders who are under the thumbs of the big corporations so they have to beg from the world bank's development of social programs goes to pay back debts country is drowning under the amount of debt that they had and so every year they would borrow money. and they would use that same amount of money to pay back. the money really. the wages.